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The End Of Brother Bear

One day Brother Rabbit was going home from the house of Mrs. Meadows, when he met old Brother Bear. Of course, they were not friends, but Brother Rabbit was in a good mood, and he shouted:

"Hallo, Brother Bear! I'm glad to see you! How are you getting on? How is everybody at your house?"

"Thank you, Brother Rabbit," answered Brother Bear, "but I am not very well to-day."

They went on together, but Brother Rabbit walked on the other side of the road, because he did not like Brother Bear's greedy eyes.

At last Brother Rabbit said:

"Brother Bear, I think I have some business that will be interesting to you."

"What is it?" asked Brother Bear. "The day before yesterday I found a very big bee-tree. It is hollow from the foot to the top, and there is so much honey in it that the honey is already flowing out by itself. If you come with me, you will get so much honey that your family will have enough to eat till the middle of next month."

Brother Bear thanked Brother Rabbit and agreed to go with him to the bee-tree. Soon they were near the bee-tree, and Brother Bear said:

"I can smell the honey, Brother Rabbit."
"And I can see the honey-comb," said Brother Rabbit.

They stood under the tree and talked, and at last Brother Rabbit said:

"There is a small hole here, at the foot of the tree, and a big hole near the top. Climb up to the hole at the top, and I will take a big stick and push the honeycomb up. Then you will take it out and we shall share it."

Old Brother Bear spat on his hands and climbed up to the hole. The hole was not much bigger than Brother Bear's head, and Brother Bear pushed his head into the hole with great difficulty.

At the same moment Brother Rabbit took a big stick and stirred the bees in the tree. The bees got very angry, they flew up and began to buzz and sting Brother Bear's head. Thousands of bees stung Brother Bear and very soon his head was so large that he could not pull it out. At first Brother Bear shouted and howled, but soon he could not even howl, and that was the end of old Brother Bear.

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