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How Brother Bear Caught Brother Frog

Brother Bear remembered Brother Fox's peanuts for a long time. But he knew that he could not catch Brother Rabbit, because Brother Rabbit was too clever for him. So he decided to catch Brother Frog.

One day, less than a week later, Brother Bear was going home from the woods. He always went to the woods to get honey out, of bee-trees. He was going home, when suddenly he saw old Brother Frog. It was very warm, and Brother Frog, who liked warm days, was sitting in the sun at the edge of the pond. Brother Bear came nearer, but Brother Frog did not hear anything; he was fast asleep. Brother Bear dropped his axe, crawled up to the pond and with his paw threw old Brother Frog far away from the pond. Brother Frog could not get away, and Brother Bear sat down in front of him and began to talk:

"How do you do, Brother Frog, how do you do? How are your family? I hope that they are well, because I do not know when you will get home to-day."

Brother Frog did not say anything. He did not understand Brother Bear's words, and did not know what to say.

"You are the man," continued Brother Bear, "who played that trick on me about Brother Rabbit. You had your fun, Brother Frog, and now I shall have my fun."

Brother Frog was afraid, and he said:

"What did I do, Brother Bear? What trick did I play on you?"

Then Brother Bear laughed and said:

"Oh, no, Brother Frog! You are not the man who looked out of the water and said to me, 'Brother Rabbit passed a few minutes ago!' Oh, no! You are not the man! At that time you were at home with your family, of course! Well, Brother Frog, I do not know where you were then, but I know where you are now. And I know that you shall not play any more tricks."

Brother Bear looked very angry, and Brother Frog was afraid. "What does Brother Bear mean?" he said to himself. "I don't understand anything, but I must do something. I am in danger."

"Oh, please, Brother Bear! Forgive me this time, and I shall never do it again. Oh, please, Brother Bear! Forgive me this time, and I shall show you the biggest bee-tree in the woods!"

But Brother Bear did not listen to him. He wanted to kill old Brother Frog, but he did not know how to do it. He could not drown him, and he had no fife to burn him, and so he did not know what to do. By and by old Brother Frog stopped crying and said:

"If you are going to kill me, Brother Bear, carry me to that big flat stone at the edge of the pond. I want to see my family for the last time and then you can kill me with your axe."

Brother Bear agreed and he took Brother Frog by one of his hind legs and went to the big flat stone. When he got there, he laid Brother Frog down on the stone, and Brother Frog pretended that he was looking round for his family. Then Brother Bear spat on his hands, took up his axe, raised it, and hang!

But when Brother Bear raised his axe, old Brother Frog jumped and dived into the pond. And when he was in the pond and far away from Brother Bear, he looked out of the water and sang a song. Here is the song which he sang:

"Good-bye, good-bye, old Brother Bear!
Good-bye, old Brother Bear!
I am at home, I am at home,
Good-bye, old Brother Bear!"

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