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Brother Bear And The Peanuts

Brother Fox had a large patch of peanuts. He was so greedy that he did not give any of his peanuts to his neighbours. Once he found somebody's footprints in his peanut-patch, and he got very angry. A few days later lie found a hole in his fence. He decided to set a trap in this place. He bent down a tall young mil-tree which was growing in the corner near the fence, then tied a rope to the top of the tree and made a loop at the other end of the rope. Then lie placed this loop in the hole and went away.

Next morning Brother Rabbit came to the fence and crawled through the hole. The loop caught him, and the young nut-tree flew up. At the same moment Brother Rabbit found himself between the earth and the sky. He swung in the air, and he was afraid to fall and at the same time afraid not to fall. While he was preparing a tale for Brother Fox, he heard Brother Bear's heavy steps in the road, and soon he saw Brother Bear himself. Brother Rabbit shouted:

"How do you do, Brother Bear!" Brother Bear looked around and at first he did not see anybody and could not understand anything. By and by he saw Brother Rabbit, who was hanging from the top of the nut-tree and swinging in the air.

"Hey, Brother Rabbit! How are you?" shouted Brother Bear.

"Thank you, Brother Bear, I am all right."

"What are you doing there, Brother Rabbit?"

"I am working for Brother Fox, and he pays me a dollar a minute."

"Why does he pay so much?"

"Because he doesn't want crows in his peanut-patch, and I am hanging here instead of a scarecrow."

"Is it difficult work?"

"No, it is quite easy. I am very glad that you are here, because Sister Rabbit is ill and I must run home. Do you want to get a dollar a minute?"

"Do you think that I could do it?"

"You will. make a very nice scarecrow, } Brother Bear, I am sure."

"All right then, Brother Rabbit, and thank you very much."

"Well, come here, and bend this nut-tree. That's right. Now help me to get out of the loop. Thank you. And now let us make the rope shorter and let's bend the nut-tree together."

Brother Rabbit showed Brother Bear how to get into the loop and soon Brother Bear was hanging from the top of the nut-tree instead of Brother Rabbit. Then Brother Rabbit ran to Brother Fox's house and cried out:

"Brother Fox! Oh, Brother Fox! Come out, Brother Fox, and I shall show you the man who was stealing your peanuts!"

Brother Fox took his walking-stick and they ran to the peanut-patch.

When Brother Fox saw Brother Bear in the loop, he ran up to him and began to beat him with his stick. Brother Bear wanted to explain everything, but Brother Fox did not listen to him.

While all this was going on, Brother Rabbit ran away and got into a hole which was full of water. He sat down in the hole, so that he was quite covered with water, and you could see only his eyes. Soon Brother Bear ran up to the hole, and when he saw the big eyes in the water, he thought it was Brother Frog, and said:

"How do you do, Brother Frog? Did Brother Rabbit pass here?"

"He passed here a few minutes ago, Brother Bear," said Brother Rabbit.

Brother Bear ran away down the road, and Brother Rabbit got out of the hole, dried himself in the sun, and then went home to his family.

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