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Brother Fox and Brother Buzzard

Soon Brother Fox came back with his axe on his shoulder and without the saddle and bridle. He wanted to make a big hole in the tree.

"How is Brother Rabbit?" asked Brother Fox.

"Oh, he is there, in the hollow," answered Brother Buzzard. "I think he is sleeping."

"Then I am here just in time to wake him up," said Brother Fox.

He took the axe and began to cut the tree around the hole: bang! bang!

Each time the axe came down with a "bang!" Brother Buzzard raised one of his feet and cried out:

"Oh, he is there, Brother Fox, he is there!" And Brother Fox raised his axe again, and the axe came down, and Brother Buzzard cried out again:

"He is there, Brother Fox! I can see him. He is there!"

Brother Fox made a very big hole in the tree. And suddenly he heard a laugh. Brother Buzzard was laughing behind his back. Brother Fox understood everything at once, but did not show it.

Brother Buzzard continued to cry:

"He is there, Brother Fox. He is there! I can see him."

Then Brother Fox looked into the hollow and said:

"Come here, Brother Buzzard, and look. I think I see Brother Rabbit's foot up there."

Brother Buzzard came up and put his head into the hole, and Brother Fox caught his tail. Brother Buzzard raised his wrings and tried to fly away, but Brother Fox held him down to the ground. Then Brother Buzzard said:

"Let me go, Brother Fox, let me go. Brother-Rabbit can run away. You are near to him already!"

"I am nearer to you, Brother Buzzard," said Brother Fox. "Why did you play such a trick on me?"
"Let me go, Brother Fox. My old woman is waiting for me. Brother Rabbit is there, in the hollow!"
"No, he is not there, and I know it very well because I see a bunch of his hair on that bush. And you know it very well, too!"

Then Brother Buzzard told Brother Fox how it all happened, and Brother Fox said:

"That is very bad, Brother Buzzard. I left you here to watch this hole, and I left Brother Rabbit in the hollow. I come back, and I find you at the hole, but where is Brother Rabbit? Everybody will laugh at me now. I shall make you pay for it. I shall throw you on a fire and roast you."

"If you throw me on a fire, I shall fly away," said Brother Buzzard.

"Then I shall kill you here," said Brother Fox, and he took Brother Buzzard by the tail and shook him. He wanted to throw him on the ground and kill him. But at that moment the tail-feathers came out, and Brother Buzzard flew up into the air. He flew away and cried back:

"Good-bye, Brother Fox! Good-bye!"

This is how Brother Rabbit showed that he was cleverer than his enemies, and this is how his enemies quarrelled with one another because of him.

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