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Brother Fox Tries Again to Catch Brother Rabbit

While they talked, Brother Fox was standing at the back door and listening.

By and by Brother Fox opened the door and. looked in. He wanted to see where Brother Rabbit was sitting. Then he cried out: "Good evening, everybody!" and tried to catch Brother Rabbit. There was a great noise, everybody began to shout and run, and even Brother Terrapin began to jump on his shelf. He jumped and shouted and then he fell down from the shelf and knocked Brother Fox on the head. Brother Fox fell senseless. When he came to himself, he saw a pot upside down in the fireplace, and a broken chair. There was nobody in the room. Brother Rabbit vas hiding in the chimney, Brother Terrapin was under the bed, and Mrs. Meadows and the girls were in the yard.

Brother Fox felt his head and then looked around. He could not see Brother Rabbit. Where was be biding? But soon somebody sneezed in the chimney. It was Brother Rabbit. There was soot in his nose, and he sneezed.

"Aha!" said Brother Fox. "Here you are! Well, I am going to smoke you out. Or perhaps-you will come down yourself?"

But Brother Rabbit did not say anything. Then Brother Fox went out and brought some wood, and when he came back, he heard a strange sound in the chimney. Brother Rabbit was laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" asked Brother Fox.
"I can't tell you, Brother Fox," answered Brother Rabbit.
"Better tell me, Brother Rabbit," said Brother Fox.
"It is only a box of money."
"I don't believe you," said Brother Fox.
"You can look and see it yourself," said Brother Rabbit.

And when Brother Fox looked into the chimney, Brother Rabbit threw a handful of soot in his eyes. Brother Fox howled and ran to. the river to wash his eyes, and Brother Rabbit came down and said good-bye to Mrs. Meadows and the girls.

"How did you make him go away, Brother Rabbit?" asked Mrs. Meadows.

"Who? I?" said Brother Rabbit. "I just told him: 'Brother Fox, better go home at once, or I shall take you into the yard and thrash you.'"

And with that Brother Rabbit went home together with Brother Terrapin.

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