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Brother Fox Tries to Catch Brother Terrapin

For a long time after that, Brother Fox was afraid to touch Brother Rabbit. But he was not afraid of Brother Terrapin. "I can easily catch him," said Brother Fox to himself, "and I shall punish him."

One day he met Brother Terrapin in the middle of the big road. Brother Terrapin could ' not run away, so he decided to keep his eyes open. But Brother Fox was very polite and began to talk to Brother Terrapin like a friend.

"Hallo, Brother Terrapin! How are you today?" said Brother Fox.

"So-so, Brother Fox."

"You don't look very well, Brother Terrapin," said Brother Fox. "What is the matter with you? Your eyes are very red."

"Brother Fox, you don't know what-trouble is. Do you remember the day when you wanted to show me trouble? You wanted to show me the Old Boy. I didn't see the Old Boy, but when you went away, a man came and he set the field on fire. Oh, Brother Fox! You do not know what trouble is but I do."

"How did you get out of the fire, Brother Terrapin?"

"I sat there and suffered, Brother Fox. I sat there and suffered, and the smoke got in my eyes, and the fire burnt my back. Brother Rabbit says that it, is quite brown now."

"And what happened to your tail, Brother Terrapin? You have no tail now. Did the fire burn it also?"

"Oh, no, here's my tail, Brother Fox," said Brother. Terrapin, and he showed his tail. And Brother Fox caught hold of it and cried out:

"Oh, yes, Brother Terrapin! Oh, yes! So you I are the man who knocked me on the head? You are on Brother Rabbit's side? Well, now I am going to finish with you."

Brother Terrapin begged and begged, but ifc , was no use. Brother Fox did not want to listen. Then Brother Terrapin said:

"Brother Fox, oh, Brother Fox! Do not drown me, please. Burn me if you want. I am not [afraid of fire."

But Brother Fox did not say anything. By and by he decided what .to do. He dragged Brother Terrapin to the river and put him into the water, but he did not let go Brother Terrapin's tail. Then Brother Terrapin began to shout:

"I'm drowning! Let go that tree-root and catch hold of me! Let go that root and catch hold of me!"

Brother Fox answered:

"I am not holding any root, I am holding your tail!"

"It is not my tail! Catch hold of me, I'm drowning! Let go that root and catch hold of me!"

So Brother Fox let go the tail, and Brother Terrapin went to the bottom: kerblunkity-blink! But nothing happened to him because here, in the water, he was at home.

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