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How Brother Fox Tried to Catch Brother Rabbit

Brother Fox was very angry when Brother Rabbit, broke up his dinner-party, ate his dinner and ran away after that. He decided to catch Brother Rabbit and make a good dinner out of.

But every time he tried to catch him, Brother Rabbit was too quick for him. At last Brother Fox said to himself:

"I know how to catch Brother Rabbit. I shall play a trick on him, and he will not understand anything."

At this moment Brother Fox saw Brother Rabbit who was running down the road. Stop, Brother Rabbit," he shouted. I hove no time, Brother Fox," said Brother Rabbit, but he ran a little slower.

"I want to speak to you," said Brother Fox.
"All right, Brother Fox, but don't come up near to me. I am full of fleas this morning!"

And Brother Rabbit stopped and waited.

"I saw Brother Bear yesterday," said Brother Fox, "and he says that we must forget every thing and be friends and live like good neighbors."

Brother Rabbit always wanted to live in peace with those who wanted to live in peace with him. And though he did not trust Brother Fox, he said:

"I am not against it, Brother Fox. Maybe you will drop in tomorrow and have dinner with us. We do not have much at our house but I think the old woman can do some thing..."

"Thank you, Brother Rabbit. I'll come," said Brother Fox.

"Then I shall expect you."

The next day Brother Rabbit and his wife got up early in the morning, and went to their vegetable-garden. They took the best vegetables which they could find, and then they cooked a very, very good dinner.

By and by one of the little Rabbits, who was playing in the back yard, ran in.

"Oh, ma! Oh, ma!" he cried. "Brother Fox is coming here!"

And then Brother Rabbit took the children by the ears and made them sit down. He and Sister Rabbit also sat down and began to wait for Brother Fox. They waited and waited, but Brother Fox did not come.

After a while Brother Rabbit went to the door and looked out. And what did he see? Humid the corner of his little house he saw the end of Brother Fox's tail. It was not difficult to understand why Brother Fox was hiding there. Brother Rabbit shut the door, sat down, and began to sing:

“If anywhere you -spill some grease,
It's there that you will slide,
And where you find a bunch of hair,
You'll surely find the hide."

But Brother Fox did not come out. The next day Brother Fox sent one of his children to Brother Rabbit's house. "My father is ill," said the little Fox, "and he cannot come to see Brother Rabbit. He asks Brother Rabbit in come and have dinner with him." Brother Rabbit decided to go to Brother Fox's house.

When evening came, Brother Rabbit combed his hair and went to Brother Fox's house. As hi came to the house, he heard groans. He looked at the door and saw Brother Fox. He was sitting in a big chair with a blanket round him, and he looked very weak. l Brother Rabbit looked around, but he did not see any dinner. There was a large frying-pan on the table, and near it was a large knife.

"Are you going to have chicken for dinner, Brother Fox?" said Brother Rabbit.

"Yes, Brother Rabbit. They are nice and fresh and young."
"Have you any sweet roots, Brother Fox?" asked Brother Rabbit. "I cannot eat chicken without sweet roots, you know."

And then Brother Rabbit shut the door and hid in the bushes not very far from Brother Fox's house.

"I can't deceive Brother Rabbit," said Brother Fox to himself. Then he threw away his blanket and ran after him.

"Oh, Brother Fox, don't trouble! I shall put the sweet roots on the log. Come later and take them." And with these words Brother Rabbit ran back to his home.

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