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How Brother Fox Caught Brother Terrapin

One day Brother Fox saw Brother Terrapin. He was crawling along the road.

"Maybe Brother Terrapin is too fast. for Brother Rabbit, but he is not too fast for me," lie said to himself.

And so Brother Fox ran home and soon returned with a bag. He ran up to Brother Terrapin from behind, pushed him into the bag and tied the bag tight. Then he put the bag on his back and galloped home.

Brother Terrapin cried and shouted, but it was no use. Brother Fox galloped home, and soon Brother Terrapin was hanging in the bag in the corner of his room.

But where was Brother Rabbit while all this was going on? Brother Rabbit was sitting in the bushes by the side of the road, and when he saw Brother Fox with the bag on his back ho asked himself:

"Who is in Brother Fox's bag?"

He asked the question, but he did not know the answer. Then he decided:

"I shall follow Brother Fox and find out what he has in that bag."

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