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How Brother Rabbit Punished Brother Fox

Brother Terrapin tried to explain, but Brother Rabbit only laughed and laughed. Then he untied the bag, took Brother Terrapin out and carried him away into the bushes.

Then Brother Rabbit ran to another place in the wood where there was a great wasp nest. He closed the little hole of the wasp nest with his hand, and the wasps could not fly out. Then he took the wasp nest and carried it to Brother Fox's house, and put it in the bag instead of Brother Terrapin. After that he tied the bag and hung it up in the corner where it was when he found it. But that was not all. He took a stick and struck the bag, and broke the wasp nest in it, and the wasps began to buzz angrily. Then he joined Brother Terrapin and [sat down together with him in the bushes. "Let [us stay here and see what happens," said Brother Rabbit.

By and by Brother Fox came back from the water-melon field, and he looked very angry. He wanted to do something to poor old Brother Terrapin. He went into the house and closed the door. Brother Rabbit and Brother Terrapin listened, but at first they heard nothing.

But by and by they heard a terrible noise. The chairs fell, and the table fell, and the plates and cups fell and broke, and then the door opened, and out came Brother Fox! He cried and howled as if the Old Boy was after him.

The wasps flew like a cloud around Brother Fox. Hundreds of them stung him at a time. He ran around his house and rolled on the ground, but the wasps stung him all the time.

Brother Rabbit and Brother Terrapin sat in Ihe bushes and laughed and laughed, until they could laugh no more. Brother Rabbit laughed so much that at last he fell on the ground and cried out:

"Don't, Brother Terrapin, don't! You will have to carry me home!"

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