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Brother Rabbit Agrees to Go to the Party at Mrs. Meadows'

Brother Fox said good-bye to Mrs. Meadows and ran straight to Brother Rabbit's house. Brother Rabbit was waiting for him, and the door was shut. Brother Fox knocked. Nobody answered. Brother Fox knocked again: Blam! Blam! Then Brother Rabbit cried out in a very weak voice:

"Is that you, Brother Fox? I am alone at home, and I am ill. Please run for the doctor, Brother Fox, run quickly!"
"Brother Rabbit," said Brother Fox, "Mrs. Meadows is going to have a party. All the girls are there, and I promised to bring you. The girls do not want to have a party without you, and they asked me to go and call you."
"I am too ill," said Brother Rabbit.
"No, you are not," said Brother Fox.
"I can't walk," said Brother Rabbit.
"I shall carry you," answered Brother Fox.
"How will you carry me?"
"I'll carry you in my arms."
"But you wdll drop me."
"No, I shan't drop you. I'll be careful."
"No, no," said Brother Rabbit, "if you want to carry me, you will have to carry me on your back."
"All right. I'll carry you on my back."
"But I can't ride without a saddle."
"I have a saddle at home. I can bring it."
"And I can't ride without a bridle. If I do not hold on to a bridle, I shall fall out of the saddle."
"I have a bridle too."
"Well, if you put on. the saddle and the bridle, you can carry me to Mrs. Meadows' house. I shall go to the parly, though I am quite ill."
"I can't carry you to Mrs. Meadows' house. I can carry you almost to her house, and then you will have to go a little way on foot."
"All right. That doesn't matter much," said Brother Rabbit.

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