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Brother Terrapin Visits Mrs. Meadows

One day Brother Rabbit decided to go and visit Mrs. Meadows and the girls. He took out his looking-glass, combed his hair, and set out. He was walking down the road and singing a merry song, when he met old Brother Terrapin. Brother Rabbit stopped and knocked on the roof of Brother Terrapin's house. Brother Terrapin always carried his house with him. His house was on his back. So Brother Rabbit knocked on the roof of Brother Terrapin's house and said:

"Brother Terrapin, are you there?" "Yes, I am," answered Brother Terrapin, and the two friends began to talk.

"How are you to-day, Brother Terrapin?" "I am all right, Brother Rabbit. I am slow, as I always am, but the weather is warm, and I am all right. And how are you, Brother Rabbit?"

"Very well, thank you! Where are you going, Brother Terrapin?"
"Oh, I am just going for a walk."
"And I am on my way to see " Mrs. Meadows and the girls," said Brother Rabbit and he invited Brother Terrapin to go with him to Mrs. Meadows. Brother Terrapin agreed, and they set out together. They walked slowly, but by and by they got there, and Mrs. Meadows and the girls came to the door and asked them to come in.

Brother Terrapin was not only very slow, but he was also very low. When he was on the floor, he could not see much. Even on a chair he was not high enough. So Brother Rabbit put him on a shelf, and Brother Terrapin lay there and looked down on everybody. He was very proud of his high place.

Of course, they soon began to talk about Brother Fox. Mrs. Meadows and the girls talked about Brother Rabbit's funny riding-horse, and they laughed and -joked. Brother Rabbit was sitting in an armchair and smoking his pipe. Soon he said:

"I didn't ride him to-day, because I rode him too much yesterday and I had to give him a rest. I think I shall have to sell him."

Then Brother Terrapin said from his shelf:

"If you are going to sell him, Brother Rabbit, sell him to somebody who lives far away. I don't like him and he is a bad neighbour. Yesterday he passed me on the road and called me all kinds of bad names."

"Oh! Do you hear that, girls?" said Mrs. Meadows. "Brother Fox called Brother Terrapin all kinds of bad names!"

And the girls said: "How can Brother Fox talk in that way to such a nice man as Brother Terrapin!"

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