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Brother Rabbit Deceives Brother Buzzard

At that time Brother Buzzard was flying under the clouds, and he saw Brother Fox, who was lying on the ground. He looked like a dead body. So Brother Buzzard came down and sat on a big branch over Brother Fox. Brother Buzzard shook his wing, put his head on one side land said:

"Brother Fox is dead, and I am so sorry for him.

'No, I am not dead, said Brother Fox. Brother Rabbit is here in this hollow tree, and shall catch him sooner or later."

They talked a little and Brother Fox asked Brother Buzzard to watch the hole for a while. Then Brother Fox went to get his axe, and Brother Buzzard came down to the hole and watched it.

By and by when everything was quiet, Brother Rabbit cried out of the hole:

"Brother Fox! Oh, Brother Fox!"

But Brother Fox was away, and nobody answered.

"Don't answer, if you don't want to talk," lid Brother Rabbit, "I know that you are there. But it's a pity that Brother Buzzard is not here." Then Brother Buzzard tried to talk like Brother Fox:

"What do you want Brother Buzzard for?"
"There is a fat grey squirrel here, and I know that Brother Buzzard likes fat squirrels very much."
"How can Brother Buzzard get him?"
"There is a little hole on the other side of I lie tree," said Brother Rabbit. "Brother Buzzard must stand there, and I shall drive the squirrel out".
"Drive it out," said Brother Buzzard in the voice of Brother Fox, "and I'll catch it for Brother Buzzard."

Then Brother Rabbit made a great noise in the hollow, and Brother Buzzard ran to catch I lie squirrel, and Brother Rabbit ran out through Ins hole and in a minute he was out of sight. Brother Buzzard did not find any hole on the other side of the tree, and he came back to his place. He continued to watch the hole and wait for Brother Fox.

Brother Rabbit was not in the hollow now, and Brother Buzzard knew that very well; but lie wanted to play a trick on Brother Fox.

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