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Brother Fox and His Horses

After that Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit left the town and drove back, but when they were already far from the town, Brother Fox remembered something. He stopped the horses and said:

"Brother Rabbit, I must go back to town and buy some tobacco."

"All right, Brother Fox," said Brother Rabbit. "I shall wait for you here and look after the horses."

As soon as Brother Fox was out of sight, Brother Rabbit drove the wagon to his house. He put the horses and the wagon in the barn, and the corn in the smoke-house. Then he cut off the horses' tails, put some corn into his pocket and went back along the road.

There was a swamp near the road, and Brother Rabbit went to the swamp and put the tails into it. Then he threw the corn on the ground, and waited for Brother Fox.

When he saw Brother Fox, he shouted:

"Come here, Brother Fox, come here! You are just in time, if you are not too late! Your horses ran away from me into the swamp."

Brother Fox ran up to the swamp and pushed Brother Rabbit aside.

"Quick! Catch them, Brother Fox!" cried Brother Rabbit.

Brother Fox jumped and caught hold of the tails, but at the same moment the swamp gave way ' under Brother Fox and he began to sink. When he felt that he was sinking, he tried to keep himself up, but he sank quickly and soon he disappeared together with the horse-tails.

This is how Brother Fox came to his end. Now Brother Rabbit's most dangerous enemy was dead. Nobody troubled Brother Rabbit and his family after that, and he lived peacefully and happily for many, many years.

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