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At Mrs. Meadows

Mrs. Meadows was one of Brother Rabbit's neighbours. She was very friendly and everybody liked to visit her. She had three daughters who were always ready to dance and to sing and to listen to all kinds of stories. One day somebody told them the wonderful story of the Tar-Baby. Soon after that Brother Rabbit went to see Mrs. Meadows and she asked him about the Tar-Baby. The girls began to laugh, but Brother Rabbit sat there and did not say anything. He let them laugh as much as they wanted. By and by he crossed his legs, smiled and said:

"Ladies, Brother Fox was my daddy's riding-horse for thirty years. Maybe more, but I know only about thirty years. My daddy had to send him in away because Brother Fox was too old and could not be a good riding-horse any longer.

Next day Brother Fox came to see Mrs. Meadows. When he began to laugh about brother Rabbit, Mrs. Meadows and the girls repeated Brother Rabbit's words. Brother Fox showed his teeth and looked very angry. But when he was going home, he said:

"Ladies, I shall not say anything now, but I shall make Brother Rabbit come to your house mid take his words back, here, where you can see him."

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