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How Brother Rabbit Let Brother Terrapin out of the Bag

Brother Rabbit took the shortest way and ran to Brother Fox's water-melon field. There he spoiled some water-melons with a stick and tore some leaves and even broke the fence. Then he ran to Brother Fox's house and got there before Brother Fox. He sat down in the bushes and waited. Soon Brother Fox came with tlie bag. He opened the door, hung the bag in the corner, and sat down to rest.

Brother Fox had time only to light his pipe, when Brother Rabbit put his head in the door and cried out:

"Brother Fox! Oh, Brother Fox! Take a stick and run to your water-melon field! When I was passing it a few minutes ago, I saw some people there; I shouted at them, but they didn't pay any attention to such a little man as I am. My old woman is ill, and I must go home. But you must hurry, Brother Fox, if you want to save your water-melons. Run, Brother Fox, run!"

After that Brother Rabbit ran back to the bushes, and Brother Fox dropped his pipe, took a stick and ran to his water-melon field. Then Brother Rabbit came out of the bushes and went into the house. He looked around and saw the bag in the corner. He took the bag down and felt it. When he did this, he heard somebody's voice:

"Oh! Go away! Don't touch me! Let me out! Oh!"

Brother Rabbit jumped back, but in a moment he understood everything and began to laugh. Then he said:

"Only one person in all the world can make such a noise, and that is Brother Terrapin!"

Brother Terrapin cried out:

"Is that you, Brother Rabbit?"
"Yes, it's me."
"Then be quick and let me out. This bag is full of dust, and there is dust in my throat and in my eyes. I cannot breathe. Let me out, Brother Rabbit!"

"You are cleverer than I am, Brother Terrapin," answered Brother Rabbit; "you. are much cleverer. And you run much faster, too. I run fast, but you are always in front of me. I know how you got into the bag, but I do not know how you tied yourself up."

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