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Brother Rabbit Rides Home Again

By and by Brother Rabbit said good-bye to everybody and went to get his riding-horse. He jumped into the saddle and rode off.

Brother Fox did not say anything at all. He ran down the road, and said nothing. But Brother Rabbit knew his "riding-horse" very well, and he was a little afraid. Brother Fox ran slowly down the road, but when Mrs. Meadows' house was far away, and the girls could not see him, he began to jump like a wild horse, and he tried to throw Brother Rabbit out of the saddle. But every time he jumped, Brother Rabbit stuck the spurs into his sides, and Brother Fox had to gallop on.

By and by Brother Fox tried to throw Brother Rabbit out of the saddle in another way. He lay down and rolled on the ground, and Brother Rabbit had to jump out of the saddle and run.

When Brother Fox got back to his feet, Brother Rabbit was running very fast over the field. Brother Fox ran after him, and he ran so fast that Brother Rabbit had to hide in a hollow tree to save his life. The hole was very small, and Brother Fox could not get in. He lay down on the ground to rest and to think how to get at Brother Rabbit.

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