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Brother Rabbit Rides to the Party

When Brother Rabbit agreed to go to Mrs. Meadows, Brother Fox ran away to put on the saddle and bridle.

"He wants to play a trick on me," Brother Rabbit said to himself, "but I know what to do." Then he got up, combed his hair and prepared to go to the party. Soon Brother Fox came back and he looked like a circus pony with his saddle and bridle. He stopped at the door and waited there like a real horse. Brother Rabbit opened the door and jumped into the saddle, and they started.

With the bridle on his head, Brother Fox could not see Brother Rabbit in the saddle, but when Brother Rabbit raised one of his feet, he felt the movement.

"What are you doing, Brother Rabbit?" asked brother Fox.

"I am pulling down my left trouser, Brother Fox.”

By and by Brother Rabbit raised the other foot.

"What are you doing now, Brother Rabbit?"

"I am pulling down my right trouser, Brother Fox."

But all the time Brother Rabbit was putting on his spurs, and when they were quite near to Mrs. Meadows' house and Brother Fox wanted to stop, Brother Rabbit stuck his spurs deep into Brother Fox's sides and Brother Fox galloped faster than ever in his life.

When they came to the house, Mrs. Meadows and the girls were sitting on the porch. But Brother Rabbit did not stop at the gate. He rode a little farther, tied Brother Fox to the fence, and then went into the house. He shook hands with Mrs. Meadows and the girls, sat down and lit his pipe. By and by he said in a loud voice:

"Ladies, didn't I tell you that Brother Fox as the riding-horse of our family? He can't in very fast now. But in a month he will be better if I ride him every day."

Then Brother Rabbit smiled from one ear to I he other, and the girls laughed, and Mrs. Meadows said:

"Well, Brother Rabbit, you have a very good riding-horse. Of course, .you must ride him every day!"

After that they talked and sang, and the girls played the piano. All that time Brother Fox was tied to the fence and he could not do anything.

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