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Why Brother Rabbit Has a Short Tail and Long Ears

As you know, there was a time when Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox were friends. They always hunted and fished together. One day when they were hunting, they got tired and Sill down on a log beside the river to rest. While they were resting and talking, a big fish came In the top of the water. It looked at them out of the water.

Brother Fox said:

"Look, Brother Rabbit! There are big fish in (his river. Let us catch some and we shall have a good dinner!"

And Brother Rabbit, who loved fish very Hindi, began to look in his pockets. He hoped to find some hooks and lines. At last he said:

"Here is a hook which I hid from my children. But I haven't a piece of string. Have you, Brother Fox?"

Brother Fox looked in his pockets, but did not find anything, and he said:

"Now, what shall we do?"

By that time they were very hungry. They tried to make a line out of the bark of a young nut-tree, but it was too thick.

Suddenly Brother Fox looked at Brother Rabbit's tail. At that time Brother Rabbit's tail-was very long. It was longer and nicer than Brother Fox's tail, and Brother Fox did not like this. So he looked at Brother Rabbit's tail and said:

"I'll tell you what we must do, and then we shall catch a lot of fish. Let's tie that hook to the end of your tail. Then you sit on the edge of the bank and throw the hook into the water.

I'll be here to help you if the fish is very big and you cannot pull it out yourself."

But Brother Rabbit was very proud of his tail and he did not want to spoil it.

"Why can't we tie the hook to your tail, Profiler Fox?" said he. But Brother Fox said, "My tail is too short."

Then Brother Rabbit said:

"My wife combed my tail before I left home, find she will be angry with me if she has to comb it again."

They talked like this a little, longer, but nil the time they were getting more and more hungry. At last Brother Rabbit said:

"I will do it if I can take the biggest fish for myself."

Brother Fox agreed to that.

Now, Brother Rabbit was so hungry that he forgot about the Big Tortoise who lived in the river. He forgot that and let Brother Fox tie the hook to his tail, and then he sat down on the bank of the river and threw the hook in. But the Tortoise heard them, and when Brother Rabbit's tail touched the water, he caught it in his mouth and pulled.

Then Brother Rabbit shouted:

"Brother Fox! There is a fish on the hook, and a big one, too!"

And all that time the Big Tortoise was trying to pull him into the river.

Brother Fox ran up, and when he saw the Big Tortoise, be said:

"Brother Rabbit, that's not a fish on the hook. The Big Tortoise has your tail in his mouth!"

"Oh-oh! And he will not let me go till it thunders. Thunder, Brother Fox!"

Brother Fox laughed to himself and said:

"I don't know how to thunder. Thunder yourself, Brother Rabbit."

And Brother Rabbit said, "Boo-oom! Boo-opm! Boom-boom!"

When he was almost in the river, Brother Fox came down to him and said:

"I can reach only your ears."

Brother Rabbit told him to take hold of his ears, and pull. So Brother Fox took hold of them, shut his eyes and pulled with all his strength.

Brother Rabbit's ears began to stretch and Brother Fox said, "You are coming, Brother Rabbit, you are coming!"

But Brother Rabbit said, "It isn't me, Brother Fox, it's my cars! Pull, Brother Fox, pull!"

Then Brother Fox again pulled with all his strength and Brother Rabbits tail broke off at the place where the Tortoise was holding it. When Brother Rabbit saw that he had no tail and that his ears were very long, he said to brother Fox angrily:

"Now look at your work!"

But Brother Fox ran away and laughed.

For a long time after that they did not, speak to one another. From this time Brother Rabbit knew better than to believe false friends.

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