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Aunt Mammy-Bammy

Only one person in all the world could help him [to have more sense]. It was his old Aunt Mammy-Bammy. She was a Witch-Rabbit and she was very, very wise. She lived far away in a deep, dark swamp, and it was very difficult to get there. When Brother Rabbit got there, he was very tired. " He sat down to rest, and by and by he saw some black smoke. It was coming out of a hole in the ground. "I must speak now," said Brother Babbit to himself.

"Aunt Mammy-Bammy," said he, "it was a very long way, but I am glad that I'm here at last."

"Son Riley Rabbit, why so? Son Riley Rabbit, why so?" answered a voice from the hole.

"Aunt Mammy-Bammy, I need your help." Then the black smoke went back into the hole and the old Witch-Rabbit came out of it.

"Why so, Son Riley Rabbit, Riley? Son Riley Rabbit, why so?" said she.

Brother Rabbit said:

"I am not clever enough, Aunt Mammy-Bammy. The other animals will soon catch me. Please, Aunt Mammy-Bammy, give me more sense!

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