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Brother Rabbit and Brother Buzzard

This time Brother Rabbit walked away a little slower, because he did not know how to get that feather. After a while he sat down on the grass and thought a little. Then he jumped up and ran to find Brother Fox. He and Brother Fox were good friends in those days. When he told Brother Fox about his plan and asked him to help him, Brother Fox laughed and said, "All right, I shall do it."

They went out into the field, and Brother Fox lay down on the ground near some bushes and did not move. Then Brother Rabbit threw his hat on the ground and began to shout:

"Brother Fox is dead! Brother Fox is dead! Hey, people, Brother Fox is dead!"

Soon some other animals came up. They wanted to carry Brother Fox home, but Brother Rabbit said:

"We must wait for Brother Buzzard."

And then Brother Buzzard came down from the skies. While he was looking at Brother Fox, Brother Rabbit crawled up from behind, took a handful of his tail-feathers and ran into the bushes.

Brother Buzzard was very angry. He ran after Brother Rabbit and tried to catch him, but Brother Rabbit was too quick for him. While Brother Buzzard was running after Brother Rabbit, Brother Fox crawled away, and when Brother Buzzard came back, he found nobody there.

When the Buzzard flew away, Brother Rabbit took the feathers to his old Aunt Mammy-Bammy and said, " Now give me some more sense."

Old Aunt Mammy-Bammy answered: "Son Riley, you have already more sense than anybody else. I cannot give you any more sense, unless you do one thing more for me. There, at the edge of the swamp, lives Brother Rattlesnake, and I want his poison-teeth. Go and get them, and be very quick, Son Riley Rabbit, Riley."

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