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Brother Rabbit Gets a Lesson

When the Witch-Rabbit saw Brother Rabbit with the rattlesnake's poison-teeth, she said:

"Well, Son Riley Rabbit, you don't need any more sense. I'm not going to give you any more, because you have too much already, mid if you have more, you'll be dangerous to oil the animals in the woods and fields."

When she said this, Brother Rabbit felt very proud of himself and began to boast that he was the cleverest man in the world. He quite forgot himself. He even said:

"I am wiser than my old Aunt Mammy-Bammy. She couldn't do anything for me, and I did everything that she asked."

So old Aunt Mammy-Bammy had to teach him a lesson. She took him by the neck and shook him and said:

"Never forget yourself, Son Riley Rabbit, Riley, never forget yourself, Son Riley!"

She shook him so long and she shook him so lard, that his eyes almost fell out of his head. They remained like that because Brother Rabbit never forgot this lesson. That's why Brother Rabbit and all his children have big eyes.

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