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Brother Rattlesnake's Poison-Teeth

When Brother Rabbit went away from old Mammy-Bammy this time, he walked very slowly.

"How can I get Brother Rattlesnake's poison-teeth?" he asked himself.

He walked, and he thought, and he thought, and he thought, and he thought.

Then he went and asked Brother Fox to help him again, but Brother Fox said:

"I cannot help you this time, because Brother Rattlesnake is a very dangerous person."

So Brother Rabbit walked away, and he thought, and he thought, and he thought.

Then he went home and asked Sister Rabbit what to do, but she said, "I don't know."

Aft or that he went to the wood and sat down on tin grass, and smoked, and thought. And then he suddenly laughed aloud. After that he went to look for a gum-tree. When you cut the bark of a gum-tree, it gives you much gum, and that gum is very sticky. Brother Rabbit knew this very well.

He found a gum-tree and soon made a large bull of gum. Then he went to see Sister Partridge and asked her to give him some of her old feathers. "I want to make something pretty," he said.

So she gave him a lot of her feathers and he put them all over that ball and made a little partridge. Then he tied a string to it and put it in the path near old Rattlesnake's house, and began to pull that little partridge along the path.

Brother Rattlesnake heard the noise and came out to see what it was. When he saw the little partridge, he crawled after it, because he loved to eat partridges. Brother Rabbit pulled the string faster, and old Rattlesnake crawled faster and faster. At last he opened his big mouth as wide as he could and drove his long teeth deep into the gum, and there they stuck! He tried to open his mouth, but he could not. Then he turned, and he rolled, and he turned, but it did not help. He beat the bushes and made a great noise, but that did not help. And then Brother Rabbit came up and said:

"Brother Rattlesnake, what is the matter with you?"

Brother Rattlesnake tried to answer, but he could not open his mouth.

"Do you know who did it?" asked Brother Rabbit.

The Rattlesnake shook his head.

Brother Rabbit looked at his mouth and said:

"The only way to get free is to break these teeth."

And the Rattlesnake whispered: "Break them!"

Brother Rabbit took out his pocket-knife and broke them off. Then he took the ball of gum with the teeth in it and ran to his Aunt Mammy-Bammy,

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