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The Moon In The Pond

One evening Brother Rabbit met Brother Terrapin. It was the middle of the summer and there was no work in the fields. So they shook hands and sat down by the side of the road and began to talk about the old days. They remembered how many times their lives were in danger, and they said, "It is very good that all the animals are living in peace now."

Then they spoke about Brother Fox, and Brother Wolf, and Brother Bear. "How greedy all these big animals are," said Brother Rabbit. "Yes," said Brother Terrapin, "they always try to get more than others."

They talked and they talked, and at last Brother Rabbit said, "I want to teach Brother Fox, Brother Wolf and Brother Bear not to be so greedy, and we shall have some fun."

And Brother Terrapin said:

"Brother Rabbit! I also want to have some fun."

"Well, then," said Brother Rabbit, "we shall invite Brother Fox, Brother Wolf and Brother Bear to meet us at the pond when the Moon is up to-morrow, and we shall fish together. I'll talk, and you just say 'yes' to everything that I say."

Brother Terrapin laughed and said:

"All right! I shall be there."

Then Brother Rabbit went home to sleep, and Brother Terrapin started for the pond in order to be there in time.

Next day Brother Rabbit sent word to the other animals, and everybody liked the plan. Brother Fox even decided to invite Mrs. Meadows and the girls.

When the time came, everybody was there. Brother Bear brought a line with a hook, and Brother Fox brought a net. Mrs. Meadows and the girls stood behind the fishermen not far from the edge of the pond.

They all got ready, and Brother Rabbit went up to the pond to throw his hook into the water. But suddenly he stopped. The other animals also stopped and watched him. Brother Rabbit dropped his fishing-rod and stood there, looking into the water.

Then Mrs. Meadows cried out:

"Brother Rabbit, what is the matter there?"

Brother Rabbit did not answer. He just looked into the water. By and by he sighed and said:

"Ladies and gentlemen! We shall go home p-day without any fish. No. one can fish here [this evening."

I Brother Terrapin went up to the edge, looked into the water and said:

"To be sure, to be sure!" and he crawled pack.

"Don't be afraid, ladies, because we shall take care of you," said Brother Rabbit. "It's (nothing much: the Moon is in the water. If you do not believe me, come here and look for (yourselves." •

They all went to the bank and looked info the water, and they saw the Moon. It was shining fit the bottom of the pond.

Brother Fox looked and said: "Well, well, well!"

Brother Wolf looked and said: "Very bad, very bad!"

Brother Bear looked and said the same.

Then Brother Rabbit looked into the water and said:

"You can say what you like, ladies and gentlemen, but if we do not get the Moon out of the pond, we cannot catch any fish hen this evening. Ask Brother Terrapin and he'll say the same."

Then Brother Bear asked:

"How can we get the Moon out of the pond?'

And Brother Rabbit shut his eyes and began to think. By and by he said:

"The best way is to drag it out with Brothel Fox's net."

At first Brother Fox did not want to give his net, but then Brother Terrapin said:

"People say that the man who drags the Moon out of the water, will find a pot of money in his net also."

When Brother Fox, Brother Wolf and Brother Bear heard about the money, they were very glad. Brother Rabbit took off his coat and was ready to get into the water, but they did not allow him to do that. Brother Fox took the net on one side, Brother Wolf took it on the other side, and "Brother Bear went behind to lift the-net because there were logs and other such things on the bottom. They dragged the net one time — no Moon; they dragged the net another time — no Moon; they dragged the net once more — no Moon! Then by and by they went deeper into the water and further from the bank. Water ran into Brother Fox's ear, and he shook his head. Water ran into Brother Wolf's ear, and he shook his head. Water ran into Brother Bear's ear, and he shook his head. Soon they came to a very deep place and they had to swim back to the bank.

When they came out, the girls began to laugh, because nobody could look worse that they did. And Brother Rabbit cried out:

"You must go home and put on some dry clothes. You'll catch the Moon another time."

Brother Fox, and Brother Wolf and Brother Bear went away, wet and angry, and Brother Rabbit and Brother Terrapin went home with the girls

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