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Brother Rabbit Wants to Have More Sense

All the animals who lived in the woods and fields said, "Brother Rabbit is very clever." But that was not enough for Brother Rabbit. He wanted to have more sense.

I do not know how it happens, but many people have more good things than they need, and still they are not happy. But Brother Rabbit only wanted to have more sense, and this cannot be bad, you know. And then Brother Rabbit needed more sense, because he was the smallest and weakest animal in the woods. The strong and cruel animals could easily catch him and kill him. That is why Brother Rabbit wanted to have more sense.

The squirrel came down a little more and called out: "Who is that?"
"Dicky Big-Bag!"
"What are you doing there in the bag?"
"I'm cracking nuts."
"Can I crack some nuts too?" "Of course, Sister Bunny Bushtail. Come down and get into the bag."

Sister Bunny Bushtail was afraid at first, but by and by she got into the bag, and Brother Rabbit carried her to his Aunt Mammy-Bammy. The old Witch-Rabbit took the squirrel out of the bag, put her back in the tree and said:

"You are a clever man, Son Riley Rabbit. But I want another thing from you. Get me a feather out of Brother Buzzard's tail. Go and get it, and be quick, Son Riley Rabbit, Riley." To go on >>

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