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The Noise In The Woods

One morning in autumn, Brother Rabbit was walking in the woods. He was looking for wild apples and pears. The wind was very cold, and Brother Rabbit did not like cold. "I must walk faster," he said to himself.

By and by he heard a noise. Somebody was cutting down a tree somewhere in the woods. Brother Rabbit stopped and listened first with one ear and then with the other. Soon the tree fell: bing-bang-blam! Brother Rabbit jumped and then began to run. He was not afraid, because in those days Brother Rabbit was not afraid of anyone. But he was beginning to feel cold, and he decided to run a little and warm himself up.

Brother Raccoon, who was going home from his friend's house, saw him and cried out:

"What's the hurry, Brother Rabbit?" •
"I have no time to talk."
"Is somebody ill at your house?"
"No, no. I have no time to talk."
"Are you training yourself for another race?
"No! I have no time!"
"Please, Brother Rabbit, tell me the news!"
"There is a great noise there in the woods. I have no time to talk. Good-bye!" And Brother Rabbit ran away.

Brother Raccoon was afraid because he was far away from home. So he jumped and ran through the woods as if the dogs were after him.

Soon Brother Raccoon met Brother Fox.

"Hey, Brother Raccoon, where are you going?"
"I have no time to talk."
"Are you going to the doctor?"
"No! I have no time to talk."
"Please, Brother Raccoon, tell me the news."
"There is a strange noise there in the woods. I have no time to talk!"

When Brother Fox heard this, he jumped and began to run faster than the wind. Soon he met Brother Wolf.

"Hey, Brother Fox! Stop and rest a little."
"I can't stop! I have no time!"
"Please, Brother Fox, tell me the news." "There is a very. strange noise there in the woods. I have no time to talk!"

After this Brother Wolf jumped and began lo run too, and soon he met Brother Bear. Brother Bear asked the same question and Brother Wolf gave the same answer, and soon Brother I'ear and many other animals were running through the wood as if the Old Boy was after them.

They ran and they ran until they came to I brother Terrapin's house.

"Where are you going?" Brother Terrapin asked, and they told him about the terrible noise in the wood. Then Brother Terrapin asked:

"What was the noise like?"

One said, "I don't know," and another one lid, "I don't know."

Then Brother Terrapin asked who heard the terrible noise. One said, "I don't know," and another one said, "I don't know," then all of them said, "We don't know."

That made old Brother Terrapin laugh, and ,hen he said:

"You can run if you are afraid. But I shall |ook my breakfast and wash the plates first, (nd after that, if I hear a terrible noise myself, maybe I shall follow you."

Then the animals began to ask one another '\lio heard the noise first, and Brother Racoon ;id that Brother Rabbit heard the noise first. I'nt Brother Rabbit was not among them. Then they became angry and began to quarrel. At last Brother Terrapin said:

"If you want to make everything clear, go and see Brother Rabbit himself."

All the animals agreed to this plan and they went to Brother Rabbit's house. Brother Rabbit was sitting on the porch in the sun.

Brother Bear spoke first.

"Why did you play a trick on me, Brother Rabbit?" he asked.

"A trick on whom, Brother Bear?"
"Me, Brother Rabbit, that's whom."
"I didn't see you in the wood to-day, Brother Bear, but I am very glad to see you now."
Then they all asked him the same question and got the same answer. And then Brother Raccoon asked:
"Why did you play a trick on me, Brother Rabbit?"
"How did I play a trick on you, Brother Raccoon?"
"You said, 'There is a great noise there in the woods, Brother Rabbit."
"Of course, there was a big noise. Brother Raccoon."
"What kind of noise was it?"
"Aha! Why didn't you ask me that at the very beginning?"
"I ask you now, Brother Rabbit."
"Somebody was cutting down a tree, Brother Raccoon, I didn't hear any other noise."

Of course Brother Raccoon felt ashamed of himself because everybody said, "Fool!" and "Coward!" But he could think the same about Brother Fox, Brother Wolf and Brother Bear, too.

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