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The Awful Fate Of Brother Wolf

Some people never remember the lessons which they get. They are too greedy, and they always want more than they have. Take Brother Wolf, for instance. Brother Rabbit taught him many good lessons, but Brother Wolf, together with Brother Fox, continued to run after Brother Rabbit. And if he could not catch Brother Rabbit himself, he always tried to catch his children.

Brother Rabbit had no peace. When he left his house, Brother Wolf always came and carried away one of his family. This went on for a long time, but at last Brother Rabbit called some carpenters and they built him a good strong house. After that Brother Rabbit could have some peace. He could go and visit his neighbours, and come back and sit by the fire, and smoke his pipe and read the newspapers like any other man who has a family. He made a hole in the cellar where the little Rabbits could hide when they heard a noise near the house. After all this, Brother Rabbit was not afraid to lose his children any more.

One day when Brother Rabbit was dressing logo to one of his friends, he heard a great noise in the big road. Before he could raise his ears, Brother Wolf ran in through the door. The little Rabbits at once ran into the hole in the cellar. Brother Wolf was very dirty, and he was quite out of breath.

"Oh, please, save me, Brother Rabbit!" said Brother Wolf. "Please, Brother Rabbit! The dogs are after me, and they will tear me to pieces. Do you hear them? Oh, please save me, Brother Rabbit! Hide me somewhere!"

"Jump into that big chest, Brother Wolf," said Brother Rabbit. "Jump into the chest, and make yourself at home."

Brother Wolf jumped into the chest, Brother Rabbit closed the lid, and then fastened it with the hook. Then Brother Rabbit sat down in his chair by the fire and lit his pipe. He sat there for a long time, and thought. By and by he got up and began to do something, but Brother Wolf couldn't see what he was doing. So Brother Wolf began to speak:

"Are the dogs still there, Brother Rabbit?"
"I think that I hear one of them near the door." Brother Rabbit filled the kettle with water and put it on the fire.

"What are you doing, Brother Rabbit?"
"I am getting everything ready to give you a nice cup of tea."

Then Brother Rabbit began to make holes in the lid of the big chest where Brother Wolf was sitting.

"What are you doing now, Brother Rabbit?"
"I am making .little holes in the lid of the chest, Brother Wolf. You haven't enough air."

Then Brother Rabbit went and brought so me more wood and threw it on the fire.

"What are you doing now, Brother Rabbit?"
"lam putting more wood on the fire. I am afraid that you will get cold, ] Brother Wolf."

Then Brother Rabbit went down into the cellar and called his children.

"What are you doing now, Brother Rabbit?"
"I am telling my children what a nice man you are, Brother Wolf."

And the children put their hands on their mouths because they wanted to laugh, and Brother Rabbit looked at them angrily.

Then Brother Rabbit took the kettle and began to pour the boiling water on the lid of the chest.

"What do I hear, Brother Rabbit?"
"You hear the wind, Brother Wolf.."

Then the-boiling water began to run through the holes.

"What do I feel, Brother Rabbit?"
"You feel the fleas, Brother Wolf. They are biting you."
"They are biting very hard, Brother Rabbit."
"Turn on the other side, Brother Wolf."
"What do I feel now, Brother Rabbit?"
"You still feel the fleas, Brother Wolf."
"They are eating me up, Brother Rabbit!"

And those were the last words of Brother Wolf.

Then Brother Rabbit called his neighbours, and they celebrated the end of Brother Wolf. And if you go to Brother Rabbit's house now, you \\iil find Brother Wolf's skin there, and all because he did not want to leave other people alone.

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