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Brother Wolf Gets In A Warm Place

Brother Wolf and Brother Fox were very angry that they could not catch .Brother Rabbit. They talked to all the other big animals, and they agreed not to allow Brother Rabbit to drink out of the same river or to walk in the same road with them.

Well, Brother Rabbit soon understood that he and his family were in great danger. He closed all his windows with strong shutters, and after that he built a high steeple on his house. While he was building it, people stopped and asked questions, but Brother Rabbit had no time lo answer them. He didn't look up, he didn't look around, he just worked and worked. He worked from sunrise to sunset, and at last his steeple was ready. Then Brother Rabbit wiped his forehead, looked around and. said:

"If any of the animals still want to catch me, let them come and try."

He had his supper and after that he went and got a long rope. Then be said to his wife:

"Sister Rabbit, put a large kettle of water on the fire and stand ready near it. If I tell yon not to do something, it will mean that you must do just that very thing."

Then he sat down in his chair and looked out from the steeple and smoked his pipe. Soon all the animals heard the news about Brother Rabbit's steeple and came to look at it, and to look at Brother Rabbit. But Brother Rabbit was only sitting up there and smoking, and nothing more. Brother Wolf stood and looked up at the steeple, and all the other animals stood and looked up at the steeple. Then they changed their places and looked again, but they did not see anything new.

By and by Brother Terrapin came along. He was Brother Rabbit's best friend, and he knew him very well. So when he saw Brother Rabbit in the steeple, he understood that something funny was going to happen. "He laughed to himself and then shouted to Brother Rabbit:

"Hey, Brother Rabbit! What are you doing up there near the sky?"

"I am resting here, Brother Terrapin. Come up and have a cup of tea with me."

"People who live so high, Brother Rabbit, must have wings. I cannot fly. I am afraid to shake hands with you, when you are so far away, Brother Rabbit."

"Don't be afraid, Brother Terrapin. You do not see my staircase, but I have a very good one, and I'll let it down to you."

Brother Rabbit let down the rope and said:

"Catch hold of the end, Brother Terrapin, and I shall pull you up."

Soon Brother Terrapin was sitting side by side with Brother Rabbit and drinking tea. When the other animals saw this, they felt that they also wanted to see the inside of Brother Rabbit's steeple. Then Brother Wolf shouted:

"Hey, Brother Rabbit! It seems you have a very nice, warm place up there! How are you getting on?"

Brother Rabbit looked down and saw who was shouting. Then he answered:

"I am getting on very poorly, Brother Wolf. But I eat what I have. Don't you want to come up?"
"It is not so easy, but I shall try."

Brother Rabbit let down the rope, Brother Wolf caught hold of it and then Brother Rabbit together with Brother Terrapin began to pull him up. They pulled and they pulled, and when Brother Wolf was already near the top, he heard these words:

"Be quick, old woman, and set the table for Brother Wolf, but before that bring the kettle to make coffee, Brother Wolf likes coffee, I know!" - Then they pulled and pulled again, and soon Brother Wolf heard Brother Rabbit's voice again.

"Be careful, old woman!" said Brother Rabbit. "Don't spill the boiling water on Brother Wolf!"

And after that Brother Wolf heard nothing more because the boiling water poured down on him. Brother Wolf howled and fell down to the ground, and when he reached the ground he jumped up like a rubber ball. Brother Rabbit looked down from the steeple and said: "I'm very sorry, Brother W^olf, and so is my old woman."

But that did not help the hair to grow again on Brother Wolf's back.

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