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Brother Wolf And The Horned Cattle

One day all the animals who had horns decided to hold a meeting. They wanted to discuss how to defend themselves from the animals who had large white teeth and claws. Brother Bull sent word to all the horned cattle and soon they gathered together in the woods. Brother Bull was there, and he was the chairman. Sister Cow was there, too, and Brother Ram came, and Brother Billy-Goat came too, and many other animals came at the call.

Brother Wolf also heard about the meeting, and he decided to go there too. But he had no horns. He thought and he thought, and then h went into the bushes and cut two sticks which looked like horns. He tied them to his head, and went to the place where all the horned catti were. When he got there, Brother Bull askei him, "Who are you and what do you want?

"Ba-a-a! My name is Little Calf!" answered Brother Wolf.

Brother Bull looked at Brother Wolf over his spectacles and wanted to ask him some other questions, but at that moment somebody called him and he left Brother Wolf alone.

Soon Brother Bull opened the meeting an the animals began to speak. While they were speaking, a big horse-fly began to trouble Brother Wolf. He forgot himself and snapped at it.

All this time Brother Rabbit was hiding in the bushes and watching Brother Wolf. When he saw how Brother Wolf snapped his sharp teeth at the horse-fly, he laughed. Everybody heard the laughter, but nobody knew who wa laughing. Brother Bull got angry and shouted

"Who is laughing there and showing his bad manners?"

Nobody answered, but a minute later Broth er Rabbit shouted:

"Oh horned cattle! Where are your eyes?
Who ever saw calves that snap at flies?"

The horned animals looked around, but they could not understand what these words meant. By and by they went on with their discussion. Soon a flea bit Brother Wolf near the neck. He forgot himself again, sat down and began to scratch himself with his hind foot.

Brother Rabbit began to laugh again, and then he shouted:

"Cattle have hoofs, but they do not have paws!
Look at the calf that is scratching with claws!"

Brother Wolf got afraid, but the horned animals did not look at him. Soon Brother Rabbit shouted again:

"Oh horned cattle! Listen to my tale!
That little calf has a long bushy tail!"

The horned animals went on with their discussion, but Brother Wolf got more and more afraid, because he saw that Brother Bull was looking at him. Brother Rabbit gave him no rest. He shouted:

"One and one can never make six:
Sticks are not horns, and horns are not sticks!"

"It is time to run away," said Brother Wolf to himself. "It is dangerous to stay." And he ran away just in time, too, because Brother Bull rushed at him, and, of course, Brother Bull could easily kill him..

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