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How Brother Wolf Punished Himself

Next time when Riley Rabbit came to play with Wiley Wolf, they played both parts of the game. It was very funny to tie one another in the bag. Little Riley Rabbit was very gay and happy, but old Brother Rabbit was not so happy. He did not like this game, and when the children were playing, Brother Rabbit came up to Brother Wolf's house. He called the little Rabbit to the fence. He talked loud and said:

"Riley, when you come home, do not forget to bring a bucket of water for the kitchen."

Then he whispered to Riley:

"Get into the bag once more, and then, when Wiley gets into the bag again after you, tie it tight and come home. Your mammy is waiting for you".

When Wiley got into the bag, Riley tied it tight and said:

"Oh, I quite forgot! I must go ho me at once and bring some water for my mother. Wait here, I'll come back and we shall play till supper-time."'

Now Wiley Wolf was very tired. He heard Riley Rabbit's words, but while ho was waiting, he fell asleep.

By and by Brother Wolf came home from the field. He came home and saw the bag. Then-was something in it! His mouth watered: he was so greedy. Wiley Wolf was fast asleep when his father came home; he did not hear anything. Now listen to what happened after this!

"That is Riley Rabbit in the bag," said old Brother Wolf. "Now we shall have a good dinner!"

He went to the window and asked his old woman:

"Is the water in the pot boiling?"
"Yes, it is," she answered, and then Brother Wolf took up the bag, and before you could say "One, two, three!" he threw it in the pot.

That is how Brother Wolf punished himself for his wickedness.

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