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How Brother Wolf Got Into Trouble

One day Brother Rabbit went for a walk. He came to the crossroads, and there he stopped to choose the road. He chose the road and ran along it. He ran along and laughed and talked Lo himself, and even began to sing. Soon he heard a noise. He stopped and listened and looked around, but he did not see anybody. Then he heard shouts. Somebody was shouting:

"Oh'oh-oh! Won't somebody come and help me?"

Brother Rabbit heard this, but he did not move. He stood still and listened. Then lie heard again:

"Oh! Oh! Please, somebody! Come and help me!"

Brother Rabbit raised his ears and shouted:

"Who are you, and: what is the matter?" "Please, somebody, co me here!" answered the voice.
"Where are you?" shouted Brother Rabbit.
"I am here, in the big gully, under this great rock."

Brother Rabbit had to be very careful in those days, so he crept down to the big gully, looked in, and whom did he see? He saw Brother Wolf, who was lying in the gully, and there was a big rock on top of him. He was lying between two other rocks, and the biggest rock was on top of him so that he could not get out. Brother Wolf shouted and cried so pitifully that Brother Rabbit was sorry for him. He went down into the gully. Maybe he could do something to help Brother Wolf.

When he came down, Brother Wolf asked him very politely:

"Please, sir, can you help me to remove this rock?"

Brother Rabbit walked around the rock and said: "Yes, I think that I can help you." And he began to push and pull. Soon he removed the rock, and Brother Wolf crawled out. When Brother Wolf saw nobody in the gully but Brother Rabbit, he rushed at him and caught him by the neck.

Brother Rabbit began to shout and kick. But that did not help; Brother Wolf held him very tight. So Brother Rabbit said:

"Why, Brother Wolf! Is this how you thank people who save your life?"
Brother Wolf grinned and said:
"I shall thank you, Brother Rabbit, and then I'll make fresh meat out of you."
"If you talk that way, Brother Wolf, I shall never help you again while I live."

Brother Wolf grinned again and said:

"You are right, Brother Rabbit. You shall never help me any more."

Then Brother Rabbit thought a little and said:

"There is a law which says that you must not kill people who help you in trouble."
"I am not sure about that," answered Brother Wolf.
"Then let us go to Brother Terrapin, who is the judge now, and let him decide."

Brother Wolf agreed, and they went to the place where Brother Terrapin lived. When they got there, Brother Wolf told his story, and then Brother Rabbit told his story. Brother Terrapin put on his spectacles, cleared his throat, and said:

"I cannot decide the question here. You must carry me to the place where Brother Wolf was when Brother Rabbit found him."

They carried old Brother Terrapin down the big road to the gully and then took him to the place where Brother Wolf was when Brother Rabbit found him. Old Brother Terrapin walked around the rock and touched it in different places with the end of his walking-stick. By and by he shook his head and said:

"I am very sorry, but I cannot decide the question in this way. I must see where Brother Wolf was, and how the rock was lying on top of him."

Then Brother Wolf lay down where he was when Brother Rabbit found him. After that Brother Terrapin and Brother Rabbit rolled the rod? Back to its old place, on top of Brother Wolf. Then brother Terrapin walked around and around and looked at the rock and at Brother Wolf. By and by he sat down and made marks in the sand l with his stick and thought about something. At last Brother Wolf said:

"Oh, Brother Terrapin! This rock is getting very heavy!"

But Brother Terrapin did not answer. He just made marks in the sand, and sat in the same place, and thought. Then Brother Wolf shouted:

"This rock is too heavy! I cannot breathe!"

Brother Terrapin got up very slowly and said:

"Brother Rabbit, you were wrong. You had no business to come here and trouble Brother Wolf when he was not troubling you. He was doing his owti business. Why didn't you do your own business?"

Brother Rabbit looked ashamed of himself, A but Brother Terrapin continued:

"When you were going down this road in the morning, you were going somewhere, I think, You must go there at once. Brother Wolf was not going anywhere when you came here, and he isn't going anywhere now. You found him under the rock and under the rock you must leave him!"

After that Brother Terrapin and Rabbit went away and left Brother Wm the rock, where he lay until somebody dim' and removed the rock.

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