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How Brother Wolf Helped Brother Fox

For a long time Brother Fox pretended that he was a good neighbour and did not touch Brother Rabbit. But after the well and the butter, Brother Fox got very angry. He wanted to kill Brother Rabbit, but he could not catch him alone. .

One day when Brother Fox was going along the road, old Brother Wolf came up to him. They greeted each other and then Brother Wolf said:

"What is the matter with you, Brother Fox? Is anything wrong?"'

But Brother Fox laughed and answered: "Oh, no! Everything is all right!" But Brother Wolf did not believe Brother Fox. He began to talk about Brother Rabbit and his tricks. Then Brother Fox and Brother Wolf discussed this matter and by and by Brother Wolf said: "I have a plan to catch Brother Rabbit."

"How are you going to catch him?" asked Brother Fox.
We must make him come to your house."
"I tried that before, but Brother Rabbit is too clever."
"But we can play a trick on him, and then he will come."
"Who will play a trick on him?"
"I shall," answered Brother Wolf, "and then you will catch him."
"How are yon going to play a trick on him?"
"You run home, he down on your bed and pretend to be dead. Do not say anything until Brother Rabbit comes and puts his hands on you. And then we shall have Brother Rabbit for our supper, or I am a fool."

Brother Fox agreed and went home. Brother Wolf went to Brother Rabbit's house. When lie got there, he did not see anybody, but he stepped up to the door and knocked.

"Who is there?" asked Brother Rabbit.
"A friend," said Brother Wolf.
"Tell me your name," said Brother Rabbit.
"I have bad news, Brother Rabbit."
"What is it?"
"Brother Fox died this morning."
"How do you know that?"
"I went to Brother Fox's house not long ago and I found him dead."

Then Brother Wolf ran away. Brother Rabbit sat down and thought a little. By and by he said to himself:

"I'll go to Brother Fox's house and see."

So he jumped up and ran to Brother Fox's house. When he came near to the house, he did not see anybody. Then he looked in. Brother Fox was lying on the bed. Brother Rabbit pretended that he was talking to himself.

"There is nobody here. Nobody is looking after Brother Fox. Even Brother Buzzard isn't here. I hope Brother Fox isn't dead, but I'm afraid that he is. I have very little time, but I'll sit by him for a while. He looks dead, but maybe he isn't dead. Because when a man comes to see dead people, the dead people always raise their hind leg and shout, 'Wahoo!'"

Brother Fox did not move and did not say a word. Then Brother Rabbit talked a little louder:

"It is very funny, Brother Fox looks dead, but he doesn't act like dead people. Dead people raise their hind leg and shout, 'Wahoo!' when a man comes to see them."

And then Brother Fox raised his foot and shouted, "Wahoo!" and Brother Rabbit ran out of the house and galloped down the road so fast that nobody could catch him.

Brother Wolf was very clever, but not cleverer than Brother Rabbit.

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