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The New Game

On the way home Brother Wolf talked to his son. He said:

"It is quite possible that the little Rabbit will come and play with you when there is no body here. When he comes, you will play 'Riding in the Bag'. It is a good game."

"I don't know how to play that game," answered Wiley Wolf.

"It is very easy," said Brother Wolf, "you get into the bag, and Riley Rabbit pulls you around the yard. Then he'll get into the bag and you will pull him around the yard. Do you understand?"

When little Riley came, they played this new game and they liked it very much. It was as if they were riding in a wagon, but Riley Rabbit could not choose a good way and always pulled Wiley Wolf over stones and bad places.

So they had a lot of fun, and when Riley Rabbit came home, he told his father about the new game. Brother Rabbit did not say anything. He just sat in his chair, smoked his pipe and shut one eye.

When Brother Wolf came home, Wiley said:

"We had a very good time to-day. We rode in the bag."

Brother Wolf grinned and said:

"That game has two parts. When you play the second part of the game you tie the bag. Now listen to me. Next time you will play 'Riding in the Bag' again, and you must play the second part of the game. You will get into the bag and tell Riley to tie it. Then he will untie the bag and get into it himself. After that you must tie the bag, and when you see that Riley cannot get out of it, l yo.u must leave him there, and then you must go to bed and cover your head."

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