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Brother Rabbit Visits Brother Wolf

Brother Wolf could not do anything to Brother Rabbit now. He said to himself:

"I'll leave him alone till I catch him in a corner where he can't get out, and where nobody will see us."

Brother Wolf lived with his family at one end of the road, and Brother Rabbit lived with his family at the other end of the road.

Their houses were not very far apart and their youngest children could play together when their parents came to visit one another on Sundays.

They lived peacefully for some time. Brother Rabbit did not play tricks on his neighbours because they left him alone.

One Sunday Brother Rabbit came to see Brother Wolf. They were sitting together on the porch and talking about the old times. Brother Rabbit was smoking his pipe, and Brother Wolf was grinning and showing his teeth, which looked very white and sharp.

And while they were sitting on the porch, their little children, Wiley Wolf and Riley Rabbit, were playing in the yard, as all little children play. They ran and jumped and hid around the corners, raised a lot of dust, and had a lot of fun.

"The youngsters are getting very friendly," Brother Rabbit said.

And old Brother Wolf answered:

"That is true, and I hope that they will always be friends. You and I were not always good friends, Brother Rabbit. We were sometimes playing tricks on one another. I hope that the youngsters will have better manners."

They sat on the porch and talked about the old times till the sun got low, and Brother Rabbit had to go home. Brother Wolf went a part of the way with Brother Rabbit, and Wiley Wolf went too. When they were in the big road, Wiley Wolf and Riley Rabbit had a very good time. There were bushes on both sides of the road, and the children played the game of hide-and-seek. But by and by Brother Wolf said:

"Now I must go back, because it is late. I hope that you will come again soon, Brother Rabbit, and that you will allow Riley to come and play with Wiley during the week."

Brother Rabbit thanked Brother Wolf and invited him to come and see him and to send Wiley to play with Riley.

"They are only children," said Brother Rabbit, "and I think that they can become real friends."

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